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Introduction to PPDS

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                                                              SAP S4 HANA PPDS

(Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling)

(PPDS) Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling on SAP S4 HANA is the product working on SAP S4 HANA. Production planning and detailed scheduling is a tool in APO(Advanced Planning and Optimization) which gets care of preparation and scheduling recognizing the limits of various sources.
  • You can utilize SAP PPDS on SAP S4 HANA to: 
  • Create arranged requests for an in-house generation for every one of the necessities. 
  • Optimize the outcome with the goal that the assets are very much expended. 
  • Plan with different variations but then create the upgraded comes about. 
  • SAP PPDS for S4 HANA enables the client to utilize PPDS in a more streamlined manner where he doesn't need to stress considerably over CIF. 
  • How about we observe on what is the propelled include in a material ace for S4 HANA with PPDS. 
  • In the exchange MM01, there is another view "Arrangement ahead of time" which would tell whether the material ought to be considered for arranging quickly in PPDS. 
  • It incorporates the information like arranging technique, skyline, design blast and so forth… 
  • Comparable way, work focus likewise has a checkbox for 'Early arrangement'. 
  • The client has the freedom to make the item in ERP totally and after that CIF it to PPDS, 'totally' I mean every one of the points of interest like arranging technique, design blast, part estimate and so forth… 
  • I use the term PPDS interchangeably with APO as for S4 HANA, PPDS means APO. What Is PPDS? 
  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization has many several modules created for complex and excellent supply series plan, including solutions for market plan, supply network planning, product planning, and specific scheduling. 
  • The SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization module capable of these functions are production planning and detailed scheduling (PPDS). 
PPDS in SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization

Materials and capacity planning in SAP ERP responds to the report of the bill of materials (BOM) and routing works. In PPDS, we have a similar concept, called a production data structure (PDS), which is a combination of BOMs and routing, which is used for materials and capacity plan. 
  • Materials designing with limited capacity planning 
  • Plan with specific times 
  • Budget consumption with identifying features 
  • Planning works with multiple steps 
  • Planning algorithm that executes the planning on selected objects 
Some of these features are only possible in SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization’s PPDS, which uses a special database called SAP live Cache, designed to algorithmically handle complex data and run-time-intensive functions.

Embedded PPDS in SAP S4 HANA

SAP S4 HANA offers a new embedded PPDS, which means that the PPDS module is now part of the SAP S4 HANA core and we no longer need an SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization system to use PPDS.
Embedded PPDS brings most of the features present in SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization PPDS, such as the features listed in the previous section. All PPDS transactions can be accessed directly in SAP S4 HANA, meaning that end users no longer have to switch between systems to navigate between SAP ERP and PPDS transactions. In addition, the new SAP Fiori apps for capacity monitoring and capacity planning will be available, and most existing PPDS transactions can also be accessed through the SAP Fiori Launchpad.

Key Data Changes

In this section, we’ll compare the master data model of Supply Chain Management’s SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization PPDS component with the new SAP S4 HANA embedded PPDS. We’ll also analyze in detail the simplifications in the material master, work center, production data structure (PDS), classes, and characteristics introduced by PPDS, and you’ll learn how to create the relevant master data in the SAP S4 HANA embedded PPDS.


A location in SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization can represent a plant, a business partner, shipping or receiving a point, or an MRP area. As of SAP S4 HANA release 1709, you can create locations in PPDS by executing the report /SAPAPO/CREATE_LOCATION. With this report, a location is immediately created, with no integration queues, and an error message will be displayed immediately if an error occurs.

Planning in PPDS

In this section, we’ll cover the various options for performing a planning run. With embedded PPDS, you now can execute one planning run to cover both MRP and PPDS planned materials; however, with embedded PPDS, you can plan PPDS materials by invoking multiple heuristics in sequence.

Execute One Planning Run in Transaction MD01N

In classic Supply Chain Management’s SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization functionality, the PPDS planning run is executed in a separate system, and materials are either planned in SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization or in SAP ERP. The planning run is executed in both systems separately. The execution should be coordinated to ensure that planning is executed in SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization first so that the planned orders created can be transferred to SAP ERP before the MRP run. Because of the dependencies among elements of the planning run, you should execute your planning runs several times in the SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization system as well as in the SAP ERP system. You’ll also need to consider the time required for the CIF to transfer orders between systems when sequencing your planning runs.

Scheduling in PPDS

In this section, we’ll cover various tools and options to execute detailed scheduling in embedded PPDS. Detailed scheduling in PPDS helps you schedule order operations while considering constraints such as material and resource availability. The basic functions of the scheduling tools are to schedule, reschedule, and reallocate operations. Other parameters, such as scheduling direction (forwards/ backward), and order relationships can be also used to influence detailed scheduling behavior. Detailed scheduling can be performed interactively from the scheduling tools or can be executed in the planning run as a step. The PPDS Optimizer can also be utilized to optimize the scheduling.

Capacity Planning/Scheduling Tools

All the capacity planning and scheduling tools available in the SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization PPDS system are available in SAP S4 HANA’s embedded PPDS as well. Apart from the SAP GUI-based scheduling tools, embedded PPDS is powered with SAP Fiori-based capacity monitoring and graphical scheduling board apps. Activating embedded PPDS is a mandatory step for using SAP Fiori-based capacity management and scheduling tools. Furthermore, only resources that are activated for advanced planning will be displayed in the SAP Fiori apps.

Migration at a Glance

In this section, we’ll cover the basic configuration required to activate and operate the embedded PPDS within the SAP S4 HANA system. Currently, data migration and customer code migration from the PPDS component in the Supply Chain Management server is not supported by the standard solution. But we’ll briefly cover the roadmap for the data migration from Supply Chain Management’s SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization PPDS to the SAP S4 HANA embedded PPDS.

Basic Configuration

You must set up an integrated SAP liveCache system (SAP liveCache running in the same SAP HANA database as of the SAP S4 HANA system) and also schedule the relevant operational background jobs. Once SAP liveCache is set up, you must execute the reports SLCA_INIT_FOLLOW_UP and SAPAPO/OM_CREATE_LC_TABLES to ensure that the embedded PPDS can utilize SAP liveCache.

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